trees 300x191 TreesYou’re all probably thinking this post is going to be about “going green” or preserving the green space in Atlanta, but you’re wrong.  This is about that neighbors tree that leans over the property line and scratches the top of your car every time you pull into your driveway.  So, what are the official rules on trees that make you question where the property line really is??

Q: What do I do when my neighbor’s tree hangs over on to my property??

A: As the home owner you have the right to trim the tree branches up to the property line, without going onto your neighbor’s property or damaging/removing the tree.

Q: Who owns the tree when it stands directly on the property line?

A: This is known as a “boundary tree” and neither party can remove the tree with out both agreeing to its removal. In this case, both parties are responsible for the maintenance of the tree.

Q: My neighbor just graded his property and in the process damaged roots to a tree that’s on my property and the tree died. Does he owe me anything?

A: You are entitled to the value of the tree. Your neighbor will need to cough up the money it would take to replace the tree.

Q: My neighbor’s tree looks like it’s about to fall on my house, what can I do about that?

A: One of the best things to do is talk with your neighbor about having a certified arborist come and inspect the tree. They will be able to determine the best steps to take to ensure safety for all involved parties. 

These are just a few of the potential questions a home owner could have regarding trees that are crossing the property line.  One of the best resources would be your local government. Check out tree ordinances and removal laws on the cities website.  Your agent will also be happy to answer or search for any answers to the questions you have regarding trees on yours or your neighbor’s property.  Give us a call 404-936-8382!

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