Grant Park Listing

Great Listing in Grant Park, 623 Hansell Street

Grant Park 300x199 Grant Park Listing

This Victorian bungalow is in the Northeast corner of the neighborhood, perfect for getting to local shops and restaurants. Grant Park and the Atlanta Zoo are just a walk away. The house is eye catching from the street. The beautiful bright blue paint color and amazing southern wrap around porch will draw any buyers attention. This listing is predicted to not even last through the day!

Listing Credit: Remax Atlanta

CQ Team

Sell, Buy, Sell, Buy!!

It’s time for selling and buying! Before spring time hits and everyone decides it’s finally time to sell, put your house on the market and go for it.  With the number of active houses on the market at an incredible low there is an increase in competition among buyers for a smaller number of properties. In other words, there are multiple offers on houses within days of the listing date because buyers want to snatch it up before anyone else gets it! It’s no longer accurate to say we are in a distressed real estate market. If you are wondering what your house is worth and would like to move give us a call (409) 936-8382. Our team is eager to work with you and puts 100% into every buyer and seller we work with!

Loan Rate Update

Although the market is starting to pick up interest rates are still very low! It’s a great time to buy!

Below are quotes from Loan South Mortgage.

Mortage loans1 Loan Rate Update

Home Improvements

According to the National Association of Realtors 1 out of 3 houses sold in 2012 needed major repairs or renovations.  That’s 33%!! “But where do I get the money for those repairs?” Home Improvement/Rehabilitation Financing is coming back strong.  When the market took a fall, construction financing was not offered by many lenders. Now that we are on the upswing and the market is making a shift toward favoring sellers, construction financing is back on the table.  With such low inventory of houses on the market this is something to strongly consider.  Are you looking for that perfect 3 bed, 2 bath home in town?  Seems like that’s not too much to ask right? Then you start to notice that a handful of houses that go on the market in town are 2 bed, 1 bath homes.  This is where that construction financing comes in.  On average it will take about two to three months to add a bedroom and a bath and anywhere from $80,000 to $100,000 according to Peter Pasternack of Foundations Design.  Peter and his partner Brian are expert home flippers and have even been on A&E’s “Flip This House”.

A Seller could also make construction financing work in their favor.  So, it’s time to sell your home, but your fearful that the demand for 3 bed, 2 bath homes will send buyers running past your 2 bed, 1 bath home without even a glance.  Have a contractor come in a make a drawing for an additional bedroom and bathroom.  This usually costs $800 to $1,000 and would be money well spent. Make the drawings available to view during showings and hand them over to the buyer at closing so they have the plans to integrate into the house. It’s a great time to buy and sell and there are more options coming into play then there have been in a long time.

Historic Roswell Restaurant Week

Restaurant Week 300x206 Historic Roswell Restaurant WeekThis Saturday kicks off the second annual Historic Roswell Restaurant Week! This is such a great opportunity to enjoy delicious food at a great price.  The event runs from January 19 to 27. There are 25 participating restaurants that will have prix-fixed menus for lunch and dinner.  Last year this was a hit and with more participants this year it’s bound to be even bigger.




Salt 300x231 Historic Roswell Restaurant Week

Salt Factory


Salt Factory, INC Street Food, Little Alley Steak, Table and Main, Zest, Pure, and Thumbs up are just a few of the participating restaurants.  Check out the event website for more details. Hope to see y’all dining out!





trees 300x191 TreesYou’re all probably thinking this post is going to be about “going green” or preserving the green space in Atlanta, but you’re wrong.  This is about that neighbors tree that leans over the property line and scratches the top of your car every time you pull into your driveway.  So, what are the official rules on trees that make you question where the property line really is??

Q: What do I do when my neighbor’s tree hangs over on to my property??

A: As the home owner you have the right to trim the tree branches up to the property line, without going onto your neighbor’s property or damaging/removing the tree.

Q: Who owns the tree when it stands directly on the property line?

A: This is known as a “boundary tree” and neither party can remove the tree with out both agreeing to its removal. In this case, both parties are responsible for the maintenance of the tree.

Q: My neighbor just graded his property and in the process damaged roots to a tree that’s on my property and the tree died. Does he owe me anything?

A: You are entitled to the value of the tree. Your neighbor will need to cough up the money it would take to replace the tree.

Q: My neighbor’s tree looks like it’s about to fall on my house, what can I do about that?

A: One of the best things to do is talk with your neighbor about having a certified arborist come and inspect the tree. They will be able to determine the best steps to take to ensure safety for all involved parties. 

These are just a few of the potential questions a home owner could have regarding trees that are crossing the property line.  One of the best resources would be your local government. Check out tree ordinances and removal laws on the cities website.  Your agent will also be happy to answer or search for any answers to the questions you have regarding trees on yours or your neighbor’s property.  Give us a call 404-936-8382!

January in Atlanta

Looking for fun events and activities to go to this month in Atlanta? Well, we’ve compiled a list of some fun things happening around town this month.  Although most Holiday related events have ceased, there are still some festive winter activities in full swing. Head down to Centennial Olympic Park for some ice skating with family and friends. When July and August hit you will be glad you took full advantage of the outdoors in the winter months.  If history stricks your fancy check out the exhibit that details the hisotry of dairy farming in Dekalb County or highlits from “The Guy Hayes photography Collection“. Guy Hayes was a famous photographer here in the Atlanta area. The exhibit showcases some of the 1950 and 60′s balck and white pictures from Guy’s collection. A fun chance to see how food and fasion have changed in the past 60-70 years.  Are you a runner? Do you like to help people? This 5K performs double duty.  Join the Atlanta Mission 5k Race to End Homelessness.  on January 26th get out and run in the cold to help those who sleep in the cold! Then you can hop on over to the Atlanta Winter Beer Fest and enjoy some live music and beer from local, regional, and national breweries!  Get out and make this January one to remember!



Atlanta Georgia Lands a Top 20 Spot

Atlanta named 16th best city in 2012! 

condo Atlanta Georgia Lands a Top 20 Spot

Beautiful blue sky day in Atlanta

There are so many fun cities to explore and potentially live in, so to be named #16 by business week out of the 50 that they wrote about, is a success in my eyes.

Here is why Atlanta is #16

1. Our awesome food culture: Atlanta is home to a number of celebrity chefs and well-known restaurants.  At the top of our list is Top Chef contestant Richard Blais’ restaurant Flip, a burger joint gone hipster.

2. Our Entertainment culture: Live professional sports are hard to beat when it comes to entertainment.  The Atlanta Braves and the Falcons play all their home games right in the heart of downtown Atlanta.

3. Parks and Recreation areas: Atlanta takes great pride in well-maintained parks with safe walking/running trails, sports fields, swimming pools, and play grounds.  To name a few: Piedmont Park, Roswell Rec. center, Candler Park, and Grant Park.

I am excited and motivated to be working and living in such a fun, city that is full of life and culture.



Happy Holidays!

Holiday House Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas from our Family to Yours!

Team CQ

When it comes to dating,homeownership can be the ultimate aphrodisiac

hot tub When it comes to dating,homeownership can be the ultimate aphrodisiac

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — When it comes to dating, homeownership can be the ultimate aphrodisiac. In a survey of 1,000 single people, more than a third of women and 18% of men said they would much rather date a homeowner than a renter. Only 2% of women said they preferred to date a man who rents, while only 3% of men said they would choose a woman who rents over one that owns her home, according to the survey, which was conducted by Harris Interactive for real estate site Trulia.

Both sexes also clearly prefer it when there’s no roommate in the picture; 62% of survey respondents, men and women, prefer to date singles who live alone.

I’m home! Adult children move back in with parents

And there was bad news for the growing number of boomerang kids — the young adults who went off to college, graduated and then wound up back in their old bedrooms. It’s going to be hard to find love, except (perhaps) from your parents. Less than 5% of all singles surveyed said they would date someone living in their childhood homes.

“That’s a real deal-breaker,” said Michael Corbett, a spokesman for Trulia. “If you’re still living with your folks, you’re dead-on-arrival for dating.”

The home they could love

Trulia also asked which home features are the biggest turn-ons. Number one turned out to be a master bath. Men (64%) love that private sanctum almost as much as women (75%) do.

Cool and unusual homes for sale

Walk-in closets were cited by 55% of men and 72% of women and gourmet kitchens got 51% of the male vote and 62% of the female. Hardwood floors, outdoor decks and home theaters also came in high on the list. Interestingly enough, hot tubs got a lot less love from respondents. Only 26% of men and 22% of women cited the old standby in the science of seduction as an amenity they would truly want.

Single and want to do something about it? Come learn how to buy your first home this Saturday morning!

first home workshop When it comes to dating,homeownership can be the ultimate aphrodisiac

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